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Is this your digital marketing strategy?

Boosting random posts to everyone on Facebook.

Waiting impatiently for new customers to come in.

Waking up to zero leads and zero customers.

You've spent money on boosting posts that aren't bringing in customers. You've lost money, time, and effort. The worst part?  You don't even know why it's not working.

It's my mission to help small businesses make more money through digital marketing.

Seven years ago, Reach was a team of one. Since then, I have used the RADIATE Method to grow my team and my business using digital marketing.


After holding many sold-out classes, I realized that I had to do more for small business owners who were eager to get results. So, I created the RADIATE Method Masterclass, to help small businesses make more money through digital marketing.


The RADIATE Method is the secret recipe for the work we do at Reach every day. I want every business owner to have the tools they need to do digital marketing that works.

Kelly Trace

CEO, Entrepreneur, and Chief Strategist at Reach


  • WEEK 0: Basic Training

    Get instant access to the RADIATE Masterclass portal as soon as you sign up! In this self-paced module, you will:

    • Create a vision for your business
    • Understand your numbers
    • Identify your top products and services
    • Automate your process so you can save time

    Week 0

  • Week 1

    People making a purchase at a coffee shop

    WEEK 1: Realistic Revenue

    This week is about setting the right revenue goal for your business. You will:

    • Set a profitable revenue goal
    • Create a roadmap for how to be profitable
    • Identify what products and services will help you get there
    • Hone in on what's working
  • People talking at a conference table

    WEEK 2: Audience Awareness

    In week 2, it's time to get specific about your customer and what makes them want to buy from you. You will:

    • Find out what problems your customer needs to solve
    • Understand what motivates them to buy from you
    • Identify what to say to them and when

    Week 2

  • Week 3

    Person pointing to post-it notes on a white board

    WEEK 3: Deep Dive

    You're on your way to making your business stand out. In week 3, you will:

    • Uncover why your customer needs exactly what your business offers
    • Gather creative inspiration to outperform your competitors
    • Craft content that actually speaks to your clients
  • iPad with graphic design on the screen

    WEEK 4: Ideate & Create

    Using the insights you uncovered in the RAD stages, you will:

    • Learn the easy way to create and repurpose content
    • Know exactly what content to create for emails, your website, and your social media pages
    • Get the tools we use to create images and videos

    Week 4

  • Week 5

    Person writing on a white board

    WEEK 5: All Systems Go

    You have your goal crushing content. Now it's time to launch. In this phase, you will:

    • Create systems that save you time
    • Find out if your posts are reaching your customer
    • Schedule ads that turn leads into customers
    • Automate email messages that turn your customers to fans
  • People standing in front of a wall with images on it

    WEEK 6: Test, Test, Test

    Take your marketing campaigns to the next level by understanding what makes your strategy successful.​ You will:

    • Identify what your customers are engaging with
    • Create tests that build on your winners
    • Gain insight on your customer's behavior
    • Analyze reports

    Week 6

  • Week 7

    Hand holding a cell phone

    WEEK 7: Evaluate & Replicate

    You're a real business now! You're creating marketing campaigns that bring you customers. In this stage of the RADIATE Method, you will:

    • Take what you've learned about your ideal customer to reach more like them
    • Do more of what's working and let go of the rest
    • Maintain the growth and momentum you've created

If these businesses can use the RADIATE Method to get more customers, it's possible for you.

I just did my first marketing campaign on Facebook and used my budget worksheet from last week's lesson! It's 11:53am, and I have already hit my GOAL!

Angie Redman


Cobblestone Courtyard

Now that I understand how to analyze the data more - I'm so happy! The first article I ever wrote and got published, we posted as a blog to our site and people actually read it!

Maggie Ferrara

Social Media Manager

Kenney Communications

Not only are we getting more leads through our website than before - they are better qualified leads for the services we provide. Highly recommend!​

Melissa Lucas


The Transition House, Inc.

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I'm offering this class at a fraction of the price, because I be

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